Vrahsha (1)

Vrahsha as seen in the comic

Vrahsha is a thick, transparent and acrid liquid made with the saliva and the repugnant slime that segregate from the skin of the Cold Ones of Naggaroth.

Due to the temperamental and aggressive nature of these beasts, especially towards warm-blooded creatures, a Druchii must smear himself with this liquid in order for his Cold One steed to recognize it and let its rider mount. All those who ride Cold Ones carry bottles of this substance to make sure that their own mounts do not fall on them.

Vrahsha gives off a noxious aroma that masks the odor of the Dark Elf, but causes stinging upon contact with the skin, destroying the nerve. In a matter of seconds, it leaves the flesh cold and numb. Prolonged use of this substance can cause this effect to be permanent, also losing the sense of taste and smell.

In times of great despair, the Cold One Knights often pour tiny amounts of Vrahsha onto their wounds, acting as a coagulant and anesthetic agent. However, using it in this way poses a great risk as it can lead to infections, insanity or even death by introducing the toxin into an open wound.


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