Star of Chaos

Vorkhan Jarl gave himself in fulsome service to the Dark Gods

Vorkhan Jarl was a chieftain amongst the ancient tribes who had long coveted the power of Emperor Sigmar. Driven by his jealousy and reckless thirst for power and might, he pledged himself as the Champion of all the Dark Gods of Chaos. Briefly tired of their fraternal warfare, the Brothers of Darkness did grant Vorkhan desires.

In circa 30 IC, Vorkhan and a horde of daemonic beasts slaughtered their way through the Empire's history. Though the courage, skill and dauntless might of Sigmar did finally cheat the monstrous chieftain of his final triumph. That and the fact that the Chaos Gods soon bored of Vorkhan's exploits and recalled their minions to comparatively far more exciting battles within the Realm of Chaos itself. Bereft of a great deal of his army, Vorkhan was no match for the warriors of the Empire, who defeated him utterly.

The Gods then took his soul into their keep, though realizing that all had equal claim to it, they quartered the spirit of the fallen warrior; appointing equal share to each benefactor.


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