The Vorbergland Canals are an engineering marvel. Commissioned by the previous Archduke of Upper Teufel in conjunction with merchant houses from Nuln and Marienburg, the canals are the pride of the south, carrying trade from Wissenland across the Vorbergland and back again. Comprised of five canals connecting five major tributaries of the Reik, the system links Nuln through to Carroburg, skipping the high taxes of Altdorf completely.[1a]

Recently, the Dwarfs of Karak Azgaraz sent delegations to the lords of Suden Vorbergland demanding the canals be shut, claiming old treaties from centuries past were being broken by an unacceptably large display of shoddy workmanship. This has caused an uproar from graduates of the Imperial Engineers' School who see the steam locks and clever water-pumps as a pinnacle of human engineering.[1a]

Canal System

  • The Countess Emmanuelle canal connects the River Reik just north of Nuln to the River Grissen.[1b]
  • The Stimmigen Canal goes from the River Grissen, through Dunkelberg, to Stimmigen, on the River Ober.[1b]
  • The Ober Stimmigen Canal runs from Stimmigen to the River Tranig.[1b]
  • The Grey Lady Canal begins on the Tranig, just upstream from the Ober Stimmigen Canal. It continues to the River Teufel, near Ubersreik.[1b]
  • The Hagercryb Canal runs from Ubersreik to the town of Siedlung, on the River Tahme. From here, the Tahme can be taken to were it flows into the River Blut. The Blut flows into the Bögen, which, in turn, flows into the River Reik near Carroburg[1b]


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