Between the threatening peaks of the Grey Mountains and the deep forests of the Reikwald lies the Vorbergland, a hilly region extending the length of the Reikland known for its fertile valleys, rolling grasslands, and windswept plains.[1a]

The productive south-eastern provinces around Böhrn, Ubersreik, Stimmigen, and Dunkelberg are known locally as Suden Vorbergland, and are the most heavily cultivated regions of the Reikland. They are peppered with many flourishing towns, villages, farms, and vineyards, and are often referred to as ‘Ranald's Garden’ for the vast quantities of wine they produce for export.[1a]

Further west, the Vorbergland is tormented by frequent Orc and Goblin attacks from the mountains, meaning much of the land is sparsely populated, little more than a hunting ground for wild animals and monsters from the peaks. This makes the local baronies and duchies a popular destination for game hunters and natural historians from the Imperial Zoo seeking to capture rare creatures, though only the unwise travel this region without a heavy guard and knowledgeable guide.[1a]


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