Vorag Bloodytooth, the first Ghoul King, was a gigantic creature whose hatred for the living and for other Vampires was matched only by his urge to rebuild the lost kingdom of Strigos. Legends say that he was once pursued into the woods of southern Sylvania by a hunting party led by Franz von Carstein. Vorag defeated the Count in single combat and drank his blood, thereby increasing his already considerable powers. Around him rallied the many tribes of deranged men inhabiting the forbidding place known as Ghoul Wood in southern Sylvania, and soon he ruled over a huge horde of scavengers. Playing on his kind’s kinship with the Ghouls, he united an army of them.[1a][2a]

This unruly force of Ghouls he took south, crossing the mountains at Black Fire Pass and carving a red trail across the Border Princes. When he reached the Badlands his army counted many Undead minions as well. Orc and Goblin tribes were slaughtered in their thousands as Vorag made his way towards the ruins of ancient Mourkain. His rage was then directed at the Greenskins rather than his fellow Vampires. He led his Ghouls against the Red Cloud tribe of Goblins. Those he did not kill were enslaved and forced to build a fortress, which still exists somewhere east of the Plain of Bones. Next, he turned his rag-tag army of carrion-eaters on the Grey Hag tribe. It was in battle against them that a missile launched from a bolt thrower pierced his heart and ended the reign of Vorag Bloodytooth. His fortress was forgotten and fell into ruin.[1a][2a][2b][2c]

Yet the efforts of Vorag the Ghoul King remain an inspiration to the Strigoi. They still dream of rebuilding their great Vampire empire, and they have learnt much from the mistakes of Vorag. Although his plans failed, his methods were sound—he took strength from the powers of the Strigoi and applied them far from the realms of the other Vampires—deep in the Badlands, away from Human civilisation by increasing power in graveyards, ruins, and dark forests. In that way, Vorag's efforts in the south went unnoticed and were not prevented. Vorag also showed the strength that can be gained from an army of Ghouls, and these creatures are always the foot soldiers and servants of the Strigoi.[2c][2d]


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