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Von Alxber's Night is a relatively new holiday (celebrated on the 18th Day of Ulric-Tide), found in the area in and around Sylvania. Approximately 150 years ago, fireworks were introduced into this area, much to the delight of the inhabitants. Although the invention was used primarily for military purposes—as signal devices between distant troops—the populace came out in droves to witness tests, gasping in awe at the amazing colours and explosions. It is said that a Priest of Morr (only his last name, von Alxber, is known), upon watching one of these displays, fell into a deep trance as the fireworks went off in the cool, clear night sky. A vision came to him wherein he saw the town come under attack by marauding bands of Beastmen. The people, although frightened, took the vision seriously and prepared for the attack, which came a week later. Von Alxber perished during the height of the skirmish and his body was laid to rest in the town’s cemetery, where a shrine was erected in his honour. To celebrate his life-saving vision, each year the townsfolk scrape together as much money as they can to purchase the expensive fireworks that inspired his trance. It is hoped that his spirit remains to guide others in such a way.[1a]


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