Volrik Clawhand.[1]}

"I will carve a path of destruction so vast that even the gods must take notice."
Volrik Clawhand.[1].

Volrik Manogarra, more famously known as Volrik Clawhand and Volrik Ravenblessed, is a ferocious Marauder Champion dedicated to Tzeentch.


The fierce members of the tribes that inhabit the Eastern Steppes are collectively known as the Kurgans . Wide-limbed and dark-skinned, these nomadic hunters venerate the Dark Gods , gazing with contempt at the younger gods and "created" by the Empire. The power of the Kurgan in battle is second to none, as each warrior is as good as his last victim.[1]

Volrik Manogarra is the son of a Czar, brought into the world with a twisted hand that looks like a claw. This oddity, along with his silvery hair, separated him from his more crowlike brothers and set the stage for a confrontation that would see his expulsion from the tribe. During his first hunt, Volrik and his brother, Negan, came to blows. Negan claimed the fallen beast as his piece although his weapon was not bloodied. Outraged, Volrik reached him with his deformed hand, crushing his brother's windpipe.[1]

In a few years, Volrik has become one of the most feared Kurgan lurking on the battlefield. Volrik is an opponent who delights in separating the weak from his companions. Those who fall into their terrible embrace are soon impaled by their monstrous claws or paralysed with fear by the flames of fate.[1]

Blessed by the Raven

For the Kurgan, waging a war is a sacred duty. His veteran marauders are thrown into the fight wherever the combat is most intense, determined to show both their ancestors and the Ruinous Powers their strength with weapons. For Volrik, battle is his path to exaltation; because only through the external manifestation of Tzeentch's blessing will he be accepted back into his tribe.[1]

When Tcar'zanek's war host marched towards Praag , Volrik joined the army. The opportunity to distinguish himself in the eyes of the war leader chosen by The Changeling was too good an opportunity to dismiss. He and his small group of mounted marauders charged into the besieged city and left a trail of bodies and buildings ablaze behind them. While the city burned around him, Volrik raised his mace to the sky, howled triumphantly and a flash of lightning divided the night.[1]

Energy projectiles crashed into Volrik's armoured form, changing it. His left hand in the form of a claw continued its transformation, generating new claws of the monstrously elongated tips of the fingers. They grew feathers to cover their shoulders and upper arm, and their skin, before ebony and rough by the wind, hardened and acquired a coppery hue. When his mace crushed the skull of the enemy commander, his shout of victory resounded through the devastated city, sowing consternation among all who heard him.[1]


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