Volksgrad is the last major settlement before the High Pass and, thus, the place where outbound caravans do their last bit of re-supplying and celebrating—or their first bit after coming back. As a result, entertainment and travelling supplies are very expensive, whilst exotic imports from distant Cathay are relatively cheap.[1a]

The stanitsa is also the target for repeated Greenskin raids and has high walls as a result. The population is about two-third Ungol, but the need for constant siege defence means it does not have either horse archers or winged lancers to call its own. This deficiency is rarely a problem, as Volksgrad is almost never required to send troops elsewhere.[1a]

Storm of Chaos

The Storm of Chaos was an exception, and a troop was mustered and sent off under Maximilian Trask, the march boyar. None came back, slaughtered to a man. The stanitsa is now near anarchy, and the Tzarina is interested in finding someone reliable (loyal to her) to go and restore order.[1b]


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