Volker von Meinkopt[3a] was a deranged Master Engineer of the Empire,[1a][2a] best known for inventing the Repeater Handgun, Repeater Pistol, and Helblaster Volley Cannon.[3a]

It is said that von Meinkopt first came up with the concept for the Repeater Handgun while watching students reloading at the Imperial Gunnery School. He realized that a multibarrelled handgun would not have to be reloaded so frequently, and thus would be more lethal on the field of battle.[3a] An early prototype for the repeater handgun was Von Meinkopt's Single Shooter.[4] It was later replaced with the final version, known as Von Meinkopt's Whirling Cavalcade of Death.[3a]

Von Meinkopt later went on to create the Repeater Pistol, or Von Meinkopt's Micro-mainspring of Multidudinous Precipitation of Pernicious Lead. Even after these two great successes, he continued to invent, creating the nine-barrelled cannon known as the Helblaster Volley Gun.[3a] However, his illustrious career was cut short by a workshop explosion which likely killed him.[4]

Volker von Meinkopt's personal weapon was a repeater handgun known as Von Meinkopt's Whirligig of Death.[4]


  • A certain Empire Engineer who also bears the name Meinkop, was mentioned during the Battle of Kriegfeld Castle, who was famous for single-handedly repairing the Steam Tank, Old Reliable and using it to hold back a Chaos Horde at the castle gates. He was later rewarded with a minor title and estate. Whether this is the same Engineer that would later invent the infamous Repeater Rifles and Cannons is never confirmed.


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