Although not nearly as large as Ostland's capital of Wolfenburg, or the coastal city of Salkalten, Volganof is fully enclosed by defensive walls. Indeed, Volganof's soldiers boast their walls are taller and thicker than any others in Ostland and that a foe has never breached them. The formidable city has been built atop a rocky plateau at the junction of the main roadways. It is land carved out of the Forest of Shadows. The Gloomroad leads from Hergig through to Castle von Raukov and is intersected by the Grimway, which stretches from Wolfenburg east to Bechafen. These crossroads lay within the walled city of Volganof, bulwark of civilisation against the horrors of the forest. For several miles around the city the land has been partially cleared. From the tall towers it is possible to see the surrounding lands from some distance before the forest swallows everything, even the roadways disappear, like dark tunnels burrowing into a mountain.[1a]

Artillery of Volganof

The war machines that line the walls of Volganof are under the command of the Tower Captains. However, they are trained by Kannonmeister Gunther Trundlekopf, an old Master Engineer out of the Nuln Artillery School.[1b]

Artillery crews are clad mostly in black with a scarlet bull on the right leg. "Unseasoned" men are not allowed to wear the insignia and are derisively known as "black legs".[1b]

Famous Guns of Volganof

  • The Horns of the Bull - The twin cannons that guard the north towers of the city.[1b]
  • Black Beauty - An ebony-barrelled cannon on the west walls that beheaded a marauding Giant with a single shot in the first moments of the assault upon Volganof in 2515 IC.[1b]
  • Three Thunders - Battery of Mortars deployed inside the curtain walls.[1b]
  • Spinning Bertha - Both a famed Volley Gun stationed on the south walls and a lady of ill-repute from the cheapside.[1b] During the siege of 2515, the barrels got so overheated on this gun that civilians had to form a bucket-chain to bring enough water to cool down the whirling device.[1c]
  • Ol' Puddings - A long serving piece that guards the Gates of the Gryphon,[1b] the cannon is old and worn smooth yet still it delivers shots with a deadly and well-known accuracy.[1c]


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