Lord Virion the Grim was one of the original Nine Dark Lords of Nagash


The vile Plague Cart is ridden by the Wraith called Lord Virion the Grim. He is one of the Dark Lords of Nagash, those fell beings who in ancient times were the foremost of Nagash's captains and apprentices and have become the most feared destroyers of his enemies. No-one really knows the early history of Lord Virion, but it is whispered that he was one of the rebel Priest Kings that followed Nagash's teaching over four thousand years ago, and that it was he that created the spells and rituals that Nagash used to unleash the plague which destroyed the ancient civilisation of Nehekhara and toppled the great king Alcadizaar.[1]

Whatever his past, now Lord Virion and the Plague Cart he drives have become the very symbol of the last journey which ends at the cemetery gate, and he is a powerful ally for any Undead army. No-one knows when or where Lord Virion will appear next. He simply arrives at the start of a battle, driving his creaking cart of death with its dark cargo of doom into the centre of the action, bolstering the power of the Undead and filling the hearts of the living with despair. Once the battle is over he vanishes as quickly and mysteriously as he appeared...[1]


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