"Look, you can sneer at me all you want, but Konrad the Hero his-bloomin'-self was from a village just like mine, so don't you be talking us down, you hear! Us villagers are good folk!"
Erika Bauer, Farmer[1a]

The majority of the Empire's population are villagers– rural peasants living in small agricultural communities. Villages form the backbone of Imperial society, producing crops, livestock, and other raw materials for the rest of civilization. Most villages are part of a landed noble, with day-to-day activities overseen by a bailiff.[1a]

A villager may fill one of many roles: farmer, herder, miller, charcoal burner. The most well-respected villagers may become Village Elders.[1a]

Many youths growing up in villages in the more pastoral parts of the Empire find life dull. The stories of travelling pedlars and Strigany only make these impetuous villagers more intent on adventure. Of course, these tales bear little relation to the harsh realities of the adventurering life.[1a]


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