Victor Guttman was a priest of Sigmar in the town of Drakenhof in the County of Sylvania.

Guttman was present at the death bed of the old Count of Sylvania, Otto von Drak, and at the wedding of his daughter Isabella van Drak and the Vampire Lord Vlad von Carstein in 1797 IC. As Guttman was all too aware of the new count's true Undead nature, having assisted at Leopold von Drak's violent death at Vlad's hands, he was too dangerous to let live. On the way back to his temple in the Sylvanian night, Guttman was attacked by the Vampire Herman Prosner, Vlad's right hand, on the orders of the new Vampire Count and left to die. The priest was found by the son of the local wine merchant and brought back to the Drakenhof temple, where his wounds were tended by his two fellow Sigmarite priests, Meyrinck and Messner. Even though Prosner had intentionally shared the Blood Kiss with Brother Guttman, amused at the idea of a priest of Sigmar becoming a Vampire, Guttman's life had been saved before he could die and complete the change, transforming him into a creature trapped between the worlds of the living and the Undead.

Guttman's fellow priests, believing he had been turned into a true Vampire, imprisoned him in the crypt of the temple and let a hedge mage create a rune of protection that was intended to keep all Undead from entering or leaving the temple. In the following months, however, many of Drakenhof's youngest and prettiest girls died in mysterious circumstances, suffering from acute blood loss. Due to his mystical connection with his sire Herman Prosner, Guttman dreamed every detail of the murders, coming to believe in error that he had been the one responsible for the death of all those girls.

Because of the friendship they had shared with Brother Guttman, his two fellow priests could not bring themselves to kill him, so in their despair they turned to those who could: two Witch Hunters who were passing through Drakenhof at that time. One of the Witch Hunters descended into the Sigmarite temple's crypt and killed Victor Guttman, thus allowing his transformation into a vampire to run its course. Still trapped in silver chains, he could not escape when the Witch Hunters set fire to the church, and Guttman died in the inferno.


  • Death's Cold Kiss (Novel) by Steven Savile.
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