"It killed us all! We couldn’t stop it, our weapons broke against its body... It was black, like a shadow, and it was moving so fast, cutting men to shreds left and right. We fought, yes we fought hard, and old Marcus even tried his trick with the oil flask. It was engulfed by flames and for a moment we thought we’d stopped it. No way, it came out of the fire, still ablaze. It was as if it didn’t care! That was too much and those left of us ran for it. Still it followed us, on and on, relentless and merciless. There was no escaping, no hiding, its red eye could always spot you. Oh that eye... that eye..."
Last words of Fritz Huber at the Inn of the Red Moon.[1a]
Warhammer Veskit

Veskit, High Executioner.

Veskit was the High Executioner of Clan Eshin during the fall of Mordheim.


Veskit was already a talented Eshin Assassin when he was entrusted with his most difficult mission. He was hired by Clan Skryre to free one of their oldest and most experienced Warlocks who was being held hostage by a rival clan. Veskit managed to take the prisoner back, fighting his way through the guards, but at a very high cost. He suffered terrible wounds and would have certainly died, but the Nightmaster of Clan Eshin made a pact with the Warlock Engineers.[1a]

The Skaven scientist-sorcerers replaced various parts of Veskit's body with their part technological, part magical implants and made him into a walking arsenal of deadly weapons. Veskit is now more a machine than a living thing, and his thirst for killing has become almost uncontrollable. When news of the wyrdstone came to the hidden fortress of Clan Eshin, the Nightmaster sent Veskit to Mordheim to deter the man-things from exploring the city, which rightfully belonged to the Skaven. From that day on, many adventurers have met their end in the dark allies of Mordheim. Veskit's unblinking eye misses nothing, and those he hunts on the streets of Mordheim never return to the Gargoyle Gate.[1a]


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