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A Priestess of Verena in battle.

Verena is the Goddess of Knowledge, Science, Law and Justice. Her symbols are the scale and the downward-pointing sword, representing justice, as well as the owl, representing wisdom.


Verena is generally portrayed as a tall and beautiful woman, dignified and serious, sometimes with a blindfold over her eyes, her scale in one hand and her sword in the other. Other depictions include an owl or an elderly scholar of varying gender. In legends, she sometimes takes the form of an owl or a venerable sage of either sex. She is said to be the wife of Morr, and is often asked to intercede with her husband by people who have broken the law for a just cause, or those who are oppressed and affected by injustice.


Verena is concerned with fairness, rather than with the literal letter of the law, and she is equally opposed to tyranny and oppression as she is to crime. As Verena values wisdom and education, her church is much more positively aligned to magic than other religions in the Empire.


A Priestess of Verena.

Verena is a classical god, and her cult is found across the Old World. She is especially venerated in university towns such as Altdorf and Nuln, where there are great temples in her honour. All those who owe their line of work to the fairness of the law tend to honour her above other gods, and the most devout of Verena's followers can include magistrates, politicians, scholars, law enforcers and wizards of the Celestial and Light Colleges. Followers of Verena value reason above force but are more than ready to take up arms in the name of justice if diplomacy fails.

Friends and Enemies

As the Goddess of Law and Justice, Verena is naturally opposed to Ranald, the God of Thieves and Tricksters. Thus, her followers rarely grant mercy to those who use the Cult of Ranald as an excuse for their crimes.


  • Verena is probably the Goddess that is closest to the Gods of Law, but without taking their extreme and inhumanely stolid views as her own.
  • According to myths and legends, Verena was the mother of Myrmidia and Shallya, the goddesses of the art of war and of compassion.


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