"He's dead - the fool had a weak heart. Masahito! Take the body to Noormanswijk and dump it in the canal. Make it look as if he was robbed. If anyone asks, he left here in perfect health, understand?"
Venk Kataswaran, Proprietor of the Golden Lotus[1a]
Venk Kataswaran

Venk Katswaran

Venk's soul is as black as the deepest pit. He doesn't care a jot about any other living beings - he sees even his loyal assistants as useful tools, nothing more. His only goal is the acquisition of power and money, through magic and by blackmailing clients who have become addicts. He wants to seize control of the body-trade within the city, and thus become the leader of the Khaine cultists in Marienburg.[1b]

The Lascar pays protection money to Adalbert Henschmann, who suspects that Venk fronts for someone else. He does regular business with Guan Lo Fat, not trusting Dimitri Hrodovsky. Although many assume he smuggles his own drugs into Marienburg, in fact he relies on Wilbert Ree for his supplies, and will act to defend Ree if the man or his business are threatened. And, most sinster of all, he is an important part of a slaver-ring operating in the city, involved in the trafficking of adults and children throughout the Old World. Some of the sleeping bodies in the Golden Lotus have been drugged against their will.[1b]


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