Templo de vaul

Caledor is the location of Vaul's Anvil, the fiercest of all volcanoes.


Upon the blazing black island at the very tail of the Dragon Spine sits the great shrine of Vaul, god of smiths. His temple rests in a great tower of black adamant rising out of the steaming lava within the volcano's crater. The temple can only be approached over a narrow drawbridge of truesteel. Within this shrine the blind priests of Vaul forge weapons of power and devices of infinite cunning for use by the Elf Lords.[1a]

The priests of Vaul ritually blind themselves when they enter the Order of Vaul. The act of putting out their eyes has greater significance than merely leaving the priests sightless. While they lose their earthly vision, they gain something far more. They are bestowed with the skill and shrewdness of their patron deity, and the understanding of the sorrow and suffering Vaul has undergone to protect the Elves. This knowledge and wisdom enables them to harness the Winds of Magic and thus create enchanted weapons of incredible potency for the High Elves who fight the wars to protect Ulthuan.[1a]


  • It should be noted that sites called "Vaul's Anvil" also exist in both Naggaroth and Athel Loren. This suggests that all shrines for the god are named such, or at least those which are the center of his faith in a nation.


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