Templo de vaul

The Temple of Vaul.


High Elf symbol of Vaul.

Vaul is the Elven God of Smiths, and the creator of the legendary artifacts wielded by the gods and heroes of the Elven people.


Vaul is armourer to the hosts of heaven and patron to blacksmiths and artisans. He is both crippled and blind, wounded in the ancient wars of the gods when he challenged Khaine. Enslaved to Khaine's will, Vaul is forced to make weapons of extraordinary power for the War God's eternal battle against the great enemy. Vaul has thus laboured for time untold but his hatred for Khaine has never slackened. Even so, the Maker nurtures no seed of rebellion, but bears his shame in silence; he knows that the Elves will need Khaine's fire and fury if they are to survive the great darkness that is coming, and even a god's pride is a little thing when they set against the extinction of an entire race. So does Vaul's desire for revenge go unfulfilled -- just one more burden for his twisted body to bear.

Mightiest of the blades forged at Vaul's hand was the Widowmaker, and it was Draugnir, father of Dragons, who provided the fire that tempered that steel. Alas, the weapon thirsted, even then, and stole from Draugnir more than he sought to give. Thereafter, the fate of Draugnir's line was externally bound to that of the Elves.


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