Vashnaar the Tormentor was a warlord who led a terrible attack on Lustria.


Vashnaar's exploits before he decided in 2521 IC to assault Lustria are unknown. What is known is that he sought to sacrifice the heart of a Slann to his patron.[1a]

Riding a Black Dragon, Vashnaar lead a vast horde of Chaos Marauders through the Forest of Vipers north of Hexoatl, aided by mercenary Dark Elves that scouted ahead.[2a]

When the defenders of the temple-city noticed him, it was almost too late. Tiktaq'to, Master of Skies, mustered the defenses and managed to hold Vashnaar off for sixty-three days, although with a heavy toll as Vashnaar's hordes outnumbered the defenders.[2b]

In the end, Vashnaar was defeated when Kroq-Gar and Mazdamundi returned from their travels to Albion.[3a] He was slain by Kroq-Gar, who displayed his severed head on the saddle of his mount.[2c]


  • Although Vashnaars race is never stated, his choice of mount implies that he was a dark elf, while the wording of "dark elf allies" implies that he was not.[2a] Total War: Warhammer II depicts him as a dark elf leading a mixed army of Druchii and Warriors of Chaos.


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