No sane mortal has ever strayed into the unquiet necropolis known as Vargravia. Hidden in the mountains southwest of Templehof, it is so ancient that its timeworn monuments predate the time of Sigmar; perhaps even the Age of Man. Some say that every man, woman and child alive could find a gravestone there with their name on it, other that the stargazing mage that once lived there was compelled to bury himself alive. Flickering ghost-lights dance about its borders, coalescing into spectres that stare with hungry malice whenever a traveller strays close. It was Vargravia's fell reputaion, twinned with the power of the deathless horrors that haunt it that drew Mannfred von Carstein (in the book Sigmar's Blood) to use it as his hidden power base. The spirits of the dead hold no fear for the Vampire Counts, for they can commmand lesser creatures of the night just as a man commands a guardian beast. Knowing that the folk of Sylvania avoid Vargravia at all costs, von Carstein hid his most potent weapon at it's heart and bound the ghosts of that realm to it. Any who cross its borders find themselves assailed by spirits that cannnot be harmed by sword or hammer, but whose claws are cold enough to steal a mortal life away.


  • Sigmar's Blood
    • pg. 32
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