Van Klumpfs Buccaneers

Van Klumpf's Buccaneers, also known as The Murderers out of Marienburg and The Scourge of the Reik are a notorious mercenary regiment in the Empire.[1a]

Their origins are unclear, however its generally thought that they originated in Marienburg due to their uniforms, which display the colors of the city-state. One theory states that Bartolomeus van Klumpf, the leader of the regiment, is the dispossessed son of a Marienburg noble. Since they arrived in Altdorf in 2545, they have become well-known for brutality. Their reputation has increased greatly over the years, but so has their fee.[1a]

The Buccaneers are equipped with time-worn weapons and drab clothing, but are nevertheless an effective fighting force. Their are yellow, blue, and red and their device is the Ripper Fish.[1a]

Invasion Card


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