"I say you can find out the servants of Death by their marks. No man is born so unnatural that his body does not revolt at the foul pollution of Undead blood. And by these marks you can tell them: by the fangs of the predator, for their thirst for blood is like that of a foul beast; by their porcelain white skin, cold to the touch and unnatural to the eye; the glow of their eyes, behind which lives the terrible Hunger. These are the marks of the blackest evil. These are the marks of the Vampire..."
Johann van Hal, the Witch Hunter General

The Van Hal, or sometimes spelled Van Hel family is an ancient lineage of Witch Hunters that have since dedicated their lives to the service of the Church of Sigmar, seeking to atone for the misdeeds of their ancient ancestor, the infamous Necromancer known as Frederick van Hal. This lineage all began with Frederick, known more famously as Vanhal the Necromancer, who was a former Priest of Morr that had subjugated himself to the teachings of Vlad von Carstein and became a legendary Necromancer during the time of the Skaven Wars.

Due to this shame and the legendary reputation of Frederick van Hal, the descendants of his line have since dedicated their lives as Witch Hunters and to the eradication of all Vampires and Necromancers alike. One of the descendants, Helmut van Hal, had personally slain Pieter von Carstein in his coffin with the unexpected aid of Mannfred von Carstein. Another descendant, Gunther van Hal, was famous for his attack on Blood Keep at the head of a mighty Imperial army. Van Hal and his soldiers destroyed many Blood Dragon Vampires when they finally stormed the castle, and they hunted the survivors through the wilds for years to come. The latest descendant of the Van Hal family is the legendary Johann van Hal, the current Witch Hunter General of the Empire of Man.

Known Family Members


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