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A Blood Knight Vampire Lord, atop a Zombie Dragon.

Vampire Lords are the eldest and greatest of their dark kind, standing above even Vampire Counts in terms of power and influence.


A Vampire who has reached the level of Vampire Lord is incredibly powerful in both his own abilities and his temporal domain. The world shakes at his will, and the bravest heroes tremble to hear his name. Only the best of the Vampires reach this rank; it is not enough to simply control kingdoms or to have lived for centuries, the Vampire must also be a true master of dealing death, of dominating minds, and of harnessing his strength to the utmost effect. The Vampires have no Gods; the Vampire Lords are close enough to suffice.[1a]

A Vampire Lord is able to call upon a host of powers, the nature of which vary from Vampire to Vampire. Some can call forth creatures such as wolves and bats to assail the armies of the living, and sometimes they can even learn how to change into these forms. Others are able to mesmerise weak-willed mortals with barely a glance. If the Vampire has a strong affinity for magic, then his necromantic abilities expand both naturally and through study. Despite these awe-inspiring powers, however, there is a terrible price to pay. As the decades become centuries, many Vampires lose their minds, sliding inexorably into madness.[2]

Seafaring Vampire Lords are instead known as Vampire Fleet Admirals.[2]

Infamous Vampire Lords

  • W'soran – the first of the Necrarchs.


  • A great Vampire Lord
  • A female Vampire Lord
  • Render by Vlad Constin


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