"The hiss of the Vampire Admiral’s orders spurs an Undead crew to enact their master’s sinister will."
The Admirals of the Vampire Coast.[1]

A Vampire Fleet Admiral overseeing the looting of a town.[1]

Vampire Fleet Admirals are the deadly leaders of Zombie Pirate fleets.


The Vampires that lead the ranks of Undead mariners typically have centuries of experience. As long-living admirals, they can become a warship’s heart and soul – being Undead, however, those are two things they themselves lack. With the help of their Necromancy they are capable of impressive and sinister feats, driving their reanimated hordes forth in any confrontation, whether on land or at sea. The hiss of their orders can spur a crew to scramble and shamble to enact their master’s will and change the course of the warship – and perhaps, if the fates will it, the course of history. The first few Vampire Admirals were likely Sylvanian outcasts banished for one reason or another, or simply left Sylvania by their own accord after growing tired of the von Carsteins, enticed to take to the seas by the notorious successes of great Vampire Admirals such as Count Noctilus and Luthor Harkon.[1]



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