"Norsca is a poor land then, that the gods speak to so few. In the land of the Kurgan, the gods are more free with their power. One has only to open one's eye to see their might, one only has to listen to hear their words. None among the Kurgan does not feel the will of the gods all around them."
Vallac to Einarr Sigdansson[1b]

Vallac of the Khazags is a Kurgan worshipper of Tchar, depicted as a man clothed in skins and armoured plates of bluish steel. The helm that he wears is wide and crowned with spikes of bone, and he carries a crook-bladed sword at his side. Feather talismans drip from his coal-black hair, his skin pale to the point of being white, with features broad and cruel. Beneath his helm, a great patch of his scalp is has been shaved, upon it a tattoo of a rippling moon. As one looks over it, the tattoo's hue seems to shift and change.

As a man of the steppes, his Norse is crude and twisted by foreign tones. He traveled many days to reach Norsca in search of the "Hand of Tchar" whom he believes to be Einarr Sigdansson, the Baerson having survived killing a bloodbeast after all his clothing was burned away in its acidic blood. All save his leather boots, his bear cloak, and the steel gauntlet that now bears Tchar's mark.[1a]


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