This unmarked gated building in the most elite section of Altdorf, known as the Valicinian Circle, is often mistaken for a private residence. It is, in fact, a very exclusive private club and gathering place for countless Courtiers. Named for an ancient warrior-poet, the club is dominated by classical themes almost designed to make the lower classes feel uncomfortable.[1a]

On the face of it, this is a harmless if extravagant organisation mostly concerned with sipping fine Bretonnian brandy and discussing the vagaries of the market. But many major decisions regarding business and government are decided in these marble halls and so it should be no surprise that villains of many varieties may be found here. A Lahmian vampiress and courtier using the name of Baroness Clarissa von Rosen is a prominent member who has slowly been gaining noble and courtier thralls among the membership. It is only a matter of time before the Circle is transformed into her personal coven.[1a]


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