Uzkulak, also known as the Place of the Skull, was the seat of the Dwarfs of the East before the Great Catastrophe turned them into Chaos Dwarfs.[2a] Around 1000 IC, in order to fuel the ever increasing demand for slaves, a great sea canal was constructed underground linking the Falls of Doom to the north of Zharr-Naggrund with the Sea of Chaos to the west of Uzkulak, giving the Chaos Dwarf fleet an exit in the north.[1a]

It is a strange, secretive place, and the bustling workings of its slave-port and anchorage hide an ancient inner-city that is little more than a heavily garrisoned tomb. The forbidden, lower levels of Uzkulak are shunned, even by its masters and to be consigned to its depths is a punishment reserved for oath-breakers and blasphemers as the worst fate the Chaos Dwarfs can bestow. A fact which, given the malevolent inventiveness of the Daemonsmiths in such matters, speaks much of the horrors which must abide there.[2a]


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