We are currently understaffed, and in need of additional moderators to help in adding and tidying articles across the wiki! Those seeking to apply must have made around 600 edits, and to have edited at least five times in the last month of me setting this blog up. A vote will then be made by staff and readers alike, to decide who gets the position.

What's expected:

1. Help add content and/or edit at a regular basis, maybe five times a week. An edit can count as simply fixing a typo, or deleting sourceless articles.

2. There is no pay involved. Only the appreciation of fellow nerds, gamers, and lore-enthusiasts.

3. You can be silly in the comments or on the forum, but otherwise maintain a sense of professionalism. Do not bully, harass or otherwise abuse readers and/or fellow staff.

4. If you see ANYONE using racial slurs or heckling people in a decidedly non-roleplaying, non-consensual manner, report it to an administrator. You can mock a dwarf for being short while talking like a gobbo, so long as said-dwarf knows you're only teasing, etc.

All this in mind, would-be nominees need only state that they are interested, and (once approved) may vote for themselves. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or on my wall.

The deadline for Round 1 is July 24th. Good luck!