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Black Plague Trilogy Chapters

Month/Year Location Event Chapter
Geheimnisnacht 1111 Skavenblight Seerlord Skrittar performs a ritual ripping chunks out of Morrslieb, which will then orbit the earth until he calls them down. Dead Winter Prologue
12th Nachgeheim 1111 Altdorf Emperor Boris Goldgather meets with various Elector Counts and important politicians of the Empire to discuss the current situtation: the Norse of Snagr Half-Nose occupy Marienburg and Drakwald is recovering from being ravaged by the beastmen. Goldgather issues two decrees: One taxing all able-bodied peasants for the Imperial army, and one eliminating tax breaks for the class of lowborn warriors known as Diensleute. Dead Winter Chapter 1
Nachgeheim 1111 Bylorhof The Black Plague appears in Bylorhof. It is rumoured to have appeared in large cities as well. Dead Winter Chapter 1
Nachgeheim 1111 Nuln The Count of Nuln outlaws the import of cattle from Stirland for fear of the plague. Dead Winter Chapter 1
Nachgeheim 1111 Altdorf It is revealed to Sigdan Holswig, Prince of Altdorf, that plague has come to Sylvania and Stirland. Dead Winter Chapter 2
Nachgeheim 1111 Skavenblight Nurglitch IV of Clan Pestilens introduces the Black Death to the Council of Thirteen- a disease that he claims kills nine of ten humans, but is harmless to Skaven. Dead Winter Chapter 2
Nachgeheim 1111 Nuln The Count of Nuln lays off hundreds of dientsmenn. Led by a man named Engle, many of them plan to march on Altdorf to protest the Emeperor's actions. Dead Winter Chapter 2
Brauzeit 1111 Altdorf Five thousand former dienstleute, under the leadership of old soldier Wilhelm Engel, march on Altdorf. Known as the "Bread Marchers," they set up a shantytown in the Altgarten. Dead Winter Chapter 3
Kaldezeit 1111 Middenheim Graf Gunthar of Middenheim resolves not to pay the Emperor's soldier tax and prepares for siege. He also decides not to let plague refugees into Middenheim. Dead Winter Chapter 3
Kaldezeit 1111 Bylorhof The people of Bylorhof turn to the ancient god Bylorak Dead Winter Chapter 3
Kaldezeit 1111 Nuln The first cases of Black Plague appear in Nuln. Dead Winter Chapter 4
Kaldezeit 1111 Skavenblight Warlord Krricht of Clan Mors orders an attempt on the life of Puskab Foulfur, probable creator of the Black Death. It fails. Dead Winter Chapter 4
Nachgeheim 1111 Altdorf The first cases of plague appear in the Niederhafen district of Altdorf. Boris Goldgather, however, has these cases blamed on the Bread Marchers. Dead Winter Chapter 5
Kaldezeit 1111 Bylorhof After turning away from Bylorak, the people of Bylorhof bring in plague doktor Bruno Havemann of Wurtbad. Morrite priest Frederick van Hal's nephew Johan contracts the plague. Dead Winter Chapter 5
Kaldezeit 1111 Skavenblight Puskab Foulfur makes an alliance with Blight Tenscratch of Clan Verms. The former with alter the Black Plague to be usable against skaven, while the latter will supply Clan Pestilens with ticks with which to spread the disease. In addition, Clan Verms will help Puskab usurp Arch-Plaguelord Nurglitch. Dead Winter Chapter 5m
Kaldezeit 1111 Altdorf Emperor Boris orders the Reiksknecht, his personal knightly order; the Kaiserjaeger, his secret police; and the Scheutzverein, the Altdorf city watch to attack the Bread Marchers camped in the Altgarten. The Reiksknecht plan to defy the Emperor's orders, but are foiled by the Kaiserjaeger, who learn of this and place caltrops in the horsemen's path. Many Reiksknecht are killed or captured, but some twenty escape. Dead Winter Chapter 6
Kaldezeit 1111 Middenheim Rumours of plague in Middenheim's Westgate district appear Dead Winter Chapter 6
Ulriczeit 1111 Altdorf Plague erupts in Altdorf's poorer districts. Meanwhile, the survivors of the Bread Marchers and Reiksknecht go to ground in the city, constantly hunted by the Kaiserjaeger and Scheutzverein. Dead Winter Chapter 7
Ulriczeit 1111 Bylorhof After Johan dies, it is revealed that he did not in fact succumb to the plague, but was rather drained of blood by Dr. Havemann's leaching treatments. Out of grief and guilt, Johan's mother Aysha (sister-in-law and former lover of Frederick van Hal) kills herself with a knife. Dead Winter Chapter 7
Ulriczeit 1111 Skavenblight Blight Tenscratch visits Puskab Foulfur to see his progress on a skaven-killing plague, and shows him the deadly diggerfangs which they will use to assassinate Nurglitch. Dead Winter Chapter 7
Ulriczeit 1111 Altdorf Arch-Lector Wolfgang Hartwich leads a group of form Reiksnecht sheltered by Sigdan Holswig into the Courts of Justice to rescue their Grand Master, Baron von Schomberg. Disguised as Morrite priests, they make it all the way to his cell. However, Baron von Schomberg has already contracted the Black Plague and wishes not to be rescued, believing that his death will become a rallying cry for other nobles who oppose Emperor Boris. Dead Winter Chapter 7
Ulriczeit 1111 Nuln Walther Schill and his apprentice Hugo kill a giant rat. Dead Winter Chapter 7
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