Kislev has long, freezing winters and short, harsh summers. Because of this unfriendly atmosphere, the use of gunpowder weapons has always been rather limited. The Urugan Cannon or "Alexandrs' Organ" as the Kislevites call it, is a notable exception. The Urugan Cannon, named for the sharp, screeching sound that it makes when fired, is a lightweight weapon that works on the same principal as the Repeater Weapons of the Empire. It consists of several light, small barrels and a carriage that includes a protective screen for the crew and four wheels that enable the crew to move it from place to place quickly. The Urugan Cannon shoots a virtual hail of lead shot, filling the air with whistling death. While much of the gun's ammunition is wasted and the power of the Urugan Cannon is less than that of a regular cannon, it is almost impossible for the target to avoid being hit. Because the Urugan Cannon can accompany the main units as they advance upon the enemy, it is much favoured by Kislevite Generals who are famous for their aggressive tactics.[1a]


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