Urszebya, Ursun's Teeth, is a valley dotted with many standing stones. It is said to be the place where Ursun took a bite out of the world, leaving some of his teeth behind, and it is deeply sacred to all Kislevites. Even those who have never been here—few Kislevites are afforded such an opportunity—know of it and revere it. Over the centuries, it has also been the burial place of many of the greatest heroes of the land, a practise that adds to its reputation.[1a]

The land hereabouts is harsher than the steppe, and in the distance, as one approaches it, twin scarps of rock can be seen rising sharply from the ground, forming a wide cut in the landscape. A deepening valley slopes into the steppe, its sides steep and composed of a dark, striated rock. Even upon reaching the mouth of the valley, a jagged spike of black rock can be seen miles away, the first of the tall menhirs that run the length of the beautiful valley, giving its namesake: "Ursun's Teeth".[2b] The valley is also the heart of Kislev's spirit, a place of primal, elemental power. Were it corrupted by the forces of Chaos, it is believed Kislev would be blighted forever.[2a]

Storm of Chaos

Urszebya was the site of one of the greatest battles of the Storm of Chaos, where an army led by the High Zar Aelfric Cyenwulf and accompanied by a Dragon Ogre was defeated by a combination of bravery and the Tzarina's magic. It was a bloody victory, however, and many soldiers—Kislevite, Imperial, and Tilean—fell. The respect felt for the location is now tinged with sadness at the great loss suffered here.[1a]


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