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"The gods are great, but only a fool would trust them with his life."

—Borya Bearfinder, Priest of Ursun[2a]

Ursun, god of bears and strength

Ursun, also known as the "Great Bear," or "Father Bear," is the god of bears and strength and the patron god of the Tzardom of Kislev. His worship was first introduced to that realm by the Gospodars, but bears are such a major part of Kislevite life that the religion was absorbed almost instantly.

Bears continue to be a vital part of Kislevite society to this day, and the religion is now inseparable from Kislevite culture. Worship of Ursun is not a state religion as the worship of Sigmar in the Empire is, but the fate of Kislev is linked in many minds to the fortunes and favour of Father Bear. The Cult of Ursun is the main religious organisation that mandates the worship of Ursun in Kislev.[2a]

A depiction of the Great Bear in the Book of Fate.

Ursun is usually depicted as a giant, brown cave bear, sometimes wearing a golden crown. He also often has golden teeth or golden claws, which indicate not only that Ursun is king of the beasts but the high value of bears as well.[2a]

On the oblast, a slain bear will provide great wealth to an entire stanitsa.[2a]

Occasionally, Ursun is depicted as a large, burly man with grey streaks in his wild hair. He wears a loincloth and carries nothing but a spear.[2a]


Genealogical tree of the line of Beorg Bearstruck, supposedly a direct descendant of the Great Bear.

Beorg Bearstruck descends directly from Ursun, who is the direct ancestor to over 15 generations of Bear-stricken and could be an ancestor of the Kislevite Tzar Boris Ursa.[1a]

Additionally, Ruprecht of Bearmark, the former Elector Count of Talablecand, also claimed descent from Boris Bearstruck.[1a]


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