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Urial, also known as Urial the Forsaken, was a Disciple of Khaine, self-proclaimed Scourge of the Bloody-Handed God and the half-brother of Malus Darkblade.


Urial had been the last child born by the first wife of Lurhan Fellblade. Upon his birth, his right arm had been malformed and his left leg bent and so, he had been given to Khaine as a sacrifice. Upon being thrown into the Cauldron of Blood, the artifact cracked and Urial was taken into the Temple. As his deformities did not allow him to become an Assassin, he was instead tutored in other arts.[1a] Hated by his siblings for his deformity, Urial developed a lustful obsession with his sister Yasmir. Urial came to believe that Lurhans second partner, the Sorceress Eldire, had poisoned his mother and thus caused his deformities.[3a]

After taking up residence in Hag Graef, Urial spent considerable resources to gain the Skull of Ehrenlish that would lead to Kul Hadar in the Chaos Wastes.[1b] After the skull was stolen by Malus Darkblade, Urial sent deathless riders after him to retrieve it.[1c] When his half-brother returned to Hag Graef, Urial captured him, but was swayed when Malus delivered him the location of a congregation of the Cult of Pleasure.[2a] Urial and Malus entered an alliance of mutual benefit, in which the Disciple of Khaine accompanied Malus on his quest to the island of Morhaut. He opened a portal to the ship of their brother Bruglir, taking a contingent of warriors of the Temple of Khaine with him.[2b] His magic kept the plagues of the Nurgle-worshipping Skinrider marauders at bay and he himself relished at the prospect of fighting the servants of Chaos in the name of Khaine, using a runed axe both as a weapon and a focus for his magic.[2c] He also opened a portal for Malus to enter the Tower of Eradorius in order to destroy the focal point that allowed the Nurglite daemon to regenerate. [2d]

After the defeat of the Skinriders, Urial began to worship his sister as a saint of Khaine. Dreaming about leading her through the Vermillion Gate at Har Ganeth, he sought to become the Scourge of Khaine.[3a] Seeing that his use for Malus came to an end and having correctly deducted that he sought to free the daemon Tz’arkan – and fearing that the true Scourge could be his half-brother, as the shade of Aurun Var, the first elf to pledge himself fully to Khaine, had communicated with Malus – he sought to kill him. When he was thwarted, he opened a portal to Har Ganeth and fled.[3a] In Har Ganeth, a rebellion erupted that sought to install Urial as the incarnation of Khaine instead of Malekith, trying to amass enough support for him to draw the Warpsword and Khaine and begin the Time of Blood.[4a] 

Unfortunately for Urial, the sword was a forgery. The real sword rested beyond the Vermillion Gate in the Chaos Wastes and was claimed by Malus. While Urial managed to kill most of the upper clerus of the Cult of Khaine that had refused to acknowledge him, he did not receive the blessings of Khaine. Har Ganeth was wrecked by a terrible civil war.[4b]  After claiming the Warpsword of Khaine, Malus lead an army of Khaine-worshipping marauders through the Vermillion Gate and defeated him. Urial was slain by Yasmir, who ate his heart.[4c] 


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