The Aesling Urda is a witch and servant of Tchar, the old woman described has having a head of stringy, white hair and a face withered by age and the elements. At the center of her forehead, the skin is puckered and scarred, grey with dead flesh. Into the wound had been placed, or grown, a large black stone, and into this stone had been carved an eye-like symbol; one of the signs by which the Windlord is known. Yet this stone shifts as though it were a third eye. Her voice is thin and raspy, and her mouth barely has any teeth left, yet in combat she can move faster than even a berserker, able to cast spells that render such men powerless to fight her.[1a]

Urda bears a staff from which dangle many bone charms and bronze trinkets. And from beneath her heavy cloak, upon a thin, wasted arm can be seen a patch of skin that had sprouted a growth of brilliant blue and yellow feathers.[1a]


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