Untergard is a young town, founded only a century ago by villagers fleeing the unjust taxes of Graf Sternhauer. They built a bridge across the Taub and soon the town straddled both sides of the river. As the only crossing place south of Grimminhagen, it was a natural target for Archaon's forces and a fierce battle was fought there. Although Imperial forces were victorious, the eastern half of town was destroyed and the western half heavily damaged. A few survivors tried to rebuild after the armies marched away, but they fled to Middenheim when a Beastman band was detected approaching.[1a][1b]

Now Untergard lives again. The ruins have become home to a band of Mutants that preys on traffic in the area. Always careful to conceal their tracks, these mad monsters hope to capture "normals" and turn them into Mutants by exposing them to the "god," a small idol made of warpstone.[1b]


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