The University of Altdorf is one of the most important sites in the Old World for mundane knowledge and education. Its sprawling campus dominates a whole district of the city, crammed with students and masters. And its ancient practices and traditions put the Magical Colleges to shame. In many ways the College structure is modelled on the university, for when the Colleges were created that was the familiar learning establishment.[1a]

The university looks down its nose at the academic standards of the Colleges, but reluctantly respects its magical virtues. There is a good amount of to-ing and fro-ing between a College and the university, and their needs are complementary. The university is often in need of magical advice or practical help and is generally the least fearful of magic of all the Empire's mundane institutions. And the knowledge and expertise of the university is frequently called upon by the more inquisitive apprentices and wizards.[1a]

The university is attended by all types from idle nobles, diligent middle class youths and even some lucky and inspired folk from poorer backgrounds. It also accommodates many interested magic apprentices who attend for a more rounded and mundane education.[1a]


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