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A band of Ungor Raiders on the hunt for potential prey.

Ungor Raiders are those Ungors tasked with the role of hunting out enemies for their warherd to prey upon. They have knowledge of the wilderness that is unsurpassed by even the most intelligent Gor, and it is they who sow the seeds of mayhem that soon blossom into full-blown destruction.


Bands of Ungor Raiders range ahead of the warherd as it travels through the lands, sending runners back and forth to ensure the main body of the Beastman army can bring its might to bear.[1a]

It is the information brought by the Ungor Raiders that enables the warherds to encircle and trap the foe, to launch ambushes from hidden paths and moss-choked vales, and to cut off the escape routes of those that believe there is still a route to safety. In the course of their scouting duties, the Ungor Raiders often locate small, isolated settlements before the rest of the warherd arrives.[1a]

In such instances, the Raider Halfhorn will weigh up the likelihood of the Raiders being able to take on the target alone, and if he decides it is worth the risk he will lead the attack. It will be his hope that his Raiders can overwhelm the isolated foe and carry off food and captives before any delay is noted by the Beastlord. If successful, the Raiders will burn and pillage everything they can find. They then carry their prisoners off with them, taking dark delight in tormenting their unfortunate playthings unto death.[1a]

Of course, should the warherd's chieftain discover that the Raiders have tallied overlong in such distractions from the main business of waging war, brutal punishments will be meted out that often leave many of the Ungor Raiders dead in the dirt. Still, such is the sadistic and jealous ire the Ungor have for all other species that more often than not they judge it well worth the cost. In battle the Ungor Raiders range far ahead of the bulk of the warherd in order to disrupt the enemy's battlelines, draw out charges or reveal the location of hidden warriors. While the Raiders have no comprehension of formal tactics, they make a very efficient skirmish screen, charging enemy gun lines or firing volleys from their crudely-fashioned short bows before fleeing back to safety through the bands of Gors that follow behind.[1a]



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