Underworld Sea Black&White Illustration

For hundreds of years, the Dark Elf raiding fleets were confined to the Sea of Chaos and the Great Ocean. Then they discovered the Underworld Sea, a huge underground water system that links the Sea of Chaos to Naggaroth's Western Coast and the Boiling Sea beyond.[1a]

The Underworld Sea is a treacherous place consisting of labyrinthine mazes of dark tunnels and strange caves. Movement is dangerous even on the well-known routes, for cave-ins and flash floods are a constant danger. There are also many strange and cruelly predatory creatures that inhabit this unearthly subterranean realm -- and their eyes are fare more accustomed to the gloom that those of the Dark Elves on whom they prey.[1a]

The most accomplished explorers of the Underworld Sea come from the Shade tribes, mountain-dwellers who forsook the life of the bleak cities in ages past. Yet even they have only uncovered a small fraction of the Underworld Sea's secrets. Each decade brings new discoveries, and rumours abound of an entire lost civilization hidden deep within the underground caverns.[1a]


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