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"When the sun rests, and the world is dark, and the great fires are lit, and the ale is poured into flagons, then it is time to sing sagas as the Dwarfs do. And the greatest saga is the saga of Sigmar, mightiest warrior. Harken now, hear these words, and live in hope."
The Legend of Sigmar.[2a]

Map of the Barbarian Kingdoms.

The Unberogens were fierce followers of Ulric before the deification of Sigmar.

The Unberogen, known previously as the Hunberokin people, are an ancient war-like tribe of Human barbarians populating the lands of what is today the Reiklands, and as such the Unberogens are the direct ancestors of the modern day Reiklander.[1b] This tribe had settled within the domains of the Old World at around the year of -1000 IC, alongside many of the founding tribes that made up much of the Empire of Man. Upon arriving in the land, the Unberogens have displaced the former agricultural Human tribes that have already lived there, and settled around the area known as the Reik Basin.[1a]

From here, the Unberogen formed a number of settlements that border between the Grey Mountains and the River Reik. The greatest of these settlements was founded upon the confluence of the Reik and Talabec River, naming the tribal capital as Reikdorf.[1b] For over the next few centuries, the Unberogen had wage war and alliances against many of the Human tribes such as their neighbors the Teutogens and Thuringians, until finally their then chieftain, Bjorn Unberogen fathered a son who he named Sigmar Unberogen.[3a]

The birth of Sigmar marked a new change in the fortunes of the Unberogen. When Sigmar became King after the death of his father, he lead a campaign of extermination against the Norsii for the death of his father.[2b] With the Taluetens, Cherusen and Udoses under his banner, Sigmar lead the Unberogens to victory after victory until all the major Human tribes were finally united. With this unification, Sigmar lead his people towards Black Fire Pass and won victory against the Greenskin threat once and for all. In the aftermath, the Unberogen became a founder member of the newly formed Empire.[1c]

Notable Unberogen

  • Bjorn Unberogen - Former King of the Unberogen and father of Sigmar.
  • Redmane Dragor - Father of Bjorn Unberogen
  • Cradoc - Unberogen Tribe healer during the reign of Bjorn and Sigmar
  • Pendrag - Banner-men and shield-brother of Sigmar
  • Ravenna - sister of Trinovantes and Gerreon, and former lover of Sigmar. Died by her brother Gerreon.
  • Trinovantes - Shield-brother of Sigmar who died during the Battle of the Bridge of Astofen.
  • Gerreon - A highly skilled swordsman who was the Twin brother of Trinovantes. With Trinovantes death, Gerreon tried to kill Sigmar but mistakenly killed his sister Ravenna instead. Filled with guilt, he fled Reikdorf and sought comfort as a Champion of Slaanesh.
  • Wolfgart - A Shield-brother of Sigmar


  • The Unberogen may be loosely be based upon the Franks of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. Several points can be attributed to this. Firstly, they occupy a land that mirrors the Rhinelands of real-world Germany. The second is the formation of the Empire and the rise of their king. The rise of Sigmar mirrors the rise of Charlemagne, the first Frankish King who united most of the Germanic tribes into his confederation, which resulted in the formation of France and the Holy Roman Empire. Charlemagne would be crowned the first Emperor since the fall of the Roman Empire and was considered the Father of Europe.


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