Warhammer Saphery

Ulvenian Minaith is a High Elf Archmage who is infamous for his magical 'villa of the seasons'. According to the Loremasters of Hoeth, Ulvenian created his dwelling after returning from Athel Loren, to remind him of the forest kingdom. Allegedly, the villa every so often consumes itself and reforms from the essence of one of the seasons. The Loremasters disproved of this, likely seeing it as a waste of power to create something of such rustic appearance. Some speculate that Ulvenian merged his power with those of Athel Loren's Spellsingers to create the palace. As to what it looks like, the complex sometimes appears on the coast as a huge palace shaped from drifting snow and pillars of ice. Other times it might be formed entirely of autumn leaves. Some say it's even manifested as corn sheaves and beams of sunlight made as solid as marble.[1a]


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