"I think the vermin have tried this before, many times in fact. The history of our Empire is rife with plagues that come unexpectedly and weaken us at the worst possible time. I fear the rat folk have set their sights on Talabheim."
Physician Ulthvas Daubler on the Grey Ague[1a]

A robust man in his late forties, Daubler is swift to laugh and poke fun at himself. His bright blue eyes often seem a little too wide, as if he was perpetually surprised, and he frequently smokes a long-stemmed pipe filled with tobacco imported from the Moot. Daubler is a merry soul who genuinely enjoys helping people, though the money is nice, too. He travelled extensively in his youth, training in an Altdorf university as well as studying with one or two knowledgeable old peasant women. Daubler is a rare soul for an Empire citizen: a cosmopolitan individual who tries to see the world as it is, not as the deluded make it out to be.[1a]

He is well aware of the Grey Ague and has already begun trying various remedies to help fight it off. He will recommend bed rest and hot water baths for any sick individuals, as well as keeping a small piece of leather to bite on if the shivering gets too forceful.[1a]

Nierhaus didn’t name Daubler by accident. He is the most likely man in Talabheim to be able to find a cure for the Grey Ague, though without Widenhoft’s notes it could’ve taken him months. With the notes and the hints provided by adventurers, he deduces a significant portion of the nature of the Grey Ague over the next few days. Five days after being contacted, his experiments prove the Pale Shivers are both a disease and a poison—a piece of priceless knowledge to the Shallyans and others trying to treat the disease.[1a]


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