The Ulricsberg, known in ancient times as Fauschlag, meaning "Fist-strike", is a massive plateu of white rock that forms the rocky foundations of the grand city of Middenheim. Legends speak of the creation of the Ulricsberg. The brothers Taal and Ulric were the most powerful of the gods. Both were widely worshipped. And yet Ulric was troubled, for it seemed that his older brother came before him in all things. To Taal he voiced his concern. Taal asked what would make him content, and Ulric replied that he desired a place, a realm that he could truly say belonged to him alone.[1a]

Taal considered this and decided to grant his younger brother’s request. He gave to Ulric a vast rock, surrounded on all sides by harsh forests filled with beasts. Ulric was well pleased with the gift. Thanking his brother for his kindness, he struck the rock with his fist, smashing the top away and leaving a plateau a mile across. Here, he declared, his followers would build a great fortress-temple and a city, where his fires would burn eternally and where men would come from far and wide to pay him tribute. And thus the Ulricsberg was in times past called the Fauschlag which in the tongue of the Teutogens means Fist-Strike.[1a]

The Ulricsberg was discovered by Artur, the chief of the Teutogens, in -50 IC. He tunnelled up to its peak and constructed a mighty fortress. In 63 IC, Wulcan, the High Priest of Ulric, experienced a vision of Ulric smiting the top of the Ulricsberg. Inspired, Wulcan built a temple to Ulric on the site around an eternal flame. It is said that if this flame ever goes out then the next winter will last a whole year and even forever. The Great Fortress Temple to Ulric on the Ulricsberg is the most important shrine to the God in the Old World, and all members of Cult of Ulric are expected to make a pilgrimage at least once in their lives.[1a]


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