A squat, balding man, Fischer is a lower-level member of the Ordo Fidelis. He is currently apprenticed to Hoffer, who is grooming him for a career as a witch hunter. He started out as a jailer in Talabheim, working his way up through the ranks to the grim position of interrogator. Not satisfied, he began to study medicine in order to perfect his knowledge of the Human body and refine the persuasiveness of his art. After extracting a number of confessions where others had failed, he was recruited into the Ordo to assist with their investigations. His medical knowledge also makes him the group’s main healer. He sticks close to Hoffer, both because of his superior rank and because of the physical protection he offers. While he is not afraid of combat in a good cause, Fischer is much more comfortable inflicting very precise violence on helpless victims than dealing death in the press of battle.[1a]


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