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Ulrics Thunder

Ulric's Thunder.

Ulric's Thunder is one of the largest cannons ever constructed for the Empire of Man. Given to the Cult of Ulric, its barrel was formed after a wolf-head, the sacred animal of Ulric.[3a]

The immense bronze cannon was used for the defense of Middenheim. Too large to be moved outside, it needed several teams of drey horses to be pulled in the correct firing position. It was described large enough that a house could fit inside its barrel.[1a] The cannon was so immense that it only could be loaded by a giant. Thunderball, the Middenheim Giant, held this position.[2a] Due to its size, it could only shoot at a slow rate and each shot had enough impact to make a man standing nearby unprotected deaf for several days.[1a]

During the Storm of Chaos, Ulric's Thunder was used for the defense of the city against Archaon and his servants. When Thunderball was poisoned by the Skaven, he was put down and the defenders loaded the broken remnants of destroyed war machines from the walls into it, firing the remnants like grapeshot in one last act of defiance that took out a Chaos Dragon.[1b]


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