Lord Ulha'up, Voyager in the Rain Drops of Eternity, was a Slann of prodigious power. He was also quite mad. He determined to explore the world, his attendants spreading the word of the Old Ones wherever he went. He believed that the rest of the world was spiritually and physically corrupt, and that were he ever to touch anything of that world, his own powers would be grounded and corrupted also. Everywhere he went he travelled on his palanquin, a long train of other such platforms bearing supplies behind. When this became damaged in a battle, his Temple Guard lifted him up upon their shoulders, and a litter was made of crude branches, to carry him onwards.[1a]

Ulha'up has long since passed beyond the sublime communion, and so the Mage-Priests of Lustria have no idea where he may be, or even if he still lives. Perhaps one day he will return to Lustria, having spread the wisdom of the gods far and wide. Most of the Slann doubt this.[1a]


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