Uleishi are magical creatures that keep to Saphery. They appear as tiny, thin-limbed creatures of glowing light dancing to an unheard tune, weaving in and out of crops, their every footstep leaving an imprint where a budding shoot of fresh corn pushes its way clear of the ground. Believed to be a side-effect of the spells used in creating the White Tower of Hoeth, the Uleishi tend the crops and ensure the harvest is bountiful. Mostly harmless, they love mischief, and it is common for them to steal into a house and bang pots or mess the place up if they are not happy with the care the crops are receiving.[1a]

Though it's probable that the mages of Saphery could get rid of them, it is said that if the Uleishi were ever to leave Ulthuan, then its fate is sealed. No one knows what they'd do, but then, no one wants to take the chance of finding out if they ever stop.[1a]


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