Uhland Bogs

The Uhland Bogs are a region of peat bogs along the Westerfluss, the river that forms the boundary between Reikland and The Wasteland. Many people from the surrounding villages harvest blocks of peat from the bogs and use them as fuel or ship them down to be sold along the Reik.[1a]

Many standing stones, of significance to the Cult of Rhya, are located in the southwest portion of the peatland. These henges are the site of rituals performed by local Rhyans and adherents to the Old Faith on the equinoxes. One particularly notable set of standing stones are the Crowstones. They have a foul reputation, and the peat around them is coloured pitch black. It is said that on Geheimnistag and Hexenstag, impossibly huge flocks of crows gather at these stones, and unspeakable creatures rise from the bogs.[1a]

Near the Crowstones a type of black rock can be harvested. When crushed, this mineral makes a very potent black dye. However, anybody exposed to the substance suffers extreme nightmares when they sleep.[2a]


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