Chief Ugma

This island of the Troll Islands rises from the waters at the rear of the reservoir. Ugma, the chief of the River Trolls, lives here with two guards that are never far from his side. Unlike his brethren, Ugma was blessed with an abnormally high intelligence. He speculates it has something to do with his exposure to a significant amount of warpstone when he was a cub. Ugma is quite content to live here in the reservoir.[1a]

The food is abundant and he has been able to accumulate quite a treasure hoard by sending his Trolls up the rivers to prey on adventurers. He likes to talk to his prey before devouring them. It gives him pleasure to see the amazement on their faces when he speaks to them in their own language. If he can, he convinces them to help him eliminate the Orcs, claiming they hold his people in servitude, when in actuality, Ugma would just like to kill the Orcs.[1a]


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