Uesin is a forlorn Bretonnian settlement comprised entirely of mutants from across the kingdom.


Rumours of a city of Beastmen within the Forest of Arden have circulated for years, possibly centuries. Whilst they cannot be proved to be false, they are extremely unlikely; Beastmen do not have the right mentality to build cities.[1a]

Mutants, however, are a different matter. Many retain their human psychology and, after being cast out of their homes, want to find a new community.[1a]

Five years ago, the fief of Uesin, in the depths of the forest, was attacked by Skaven. The Ratmen first poisoned the water with warpstone and then attacked as the mutations took hold. Unfortunately for them, the lord, Sir Madregang, was not about to be distracted by small things like his skin turning blue and horns growing out of his head. He rallied the villagers and led a successful defence of their home.[1a]

Afterwards, he held a court at which those villagers too insane to live with others were tried and executed. He accepted the village was now completely cut off from Bretonnian society, though that made little practical difference, and decided to try to gather more Mutants. A few agents were sent out to spread rumours, and the best woodsmen scour the surroundings for abandoned children. The village has grown, and there are now about 300 Mutants living there. Residents have begun looking for a second site. It is not yet a city, but it has the potential to become one.[1a]


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