"You have it, Sigmar. From this day, the Udose and the Unberogen will be sword-brothers. If you want our blades, all you need do is ask."
Wolfila, King of the Udoses[2a]

Map of the Barbarian Kingdoms

A Udoses tribesmen battling a rival in combat

The Udoses are an ancient war-like tribe of Human barbarians populating the lands of what is today Ostland, and as such the Udoses are the direct ancestors of the modern day Ostlander. Since the time of Sigmar Heldenhammer, the Udoses were known famously for their stubbornness against the danger which surronds their homeland.[1a] Wild and burly warriors clad in kilts, braided hair and adorning blue warpaint, the Udoses were a hardy people who eked out a living within the Forest of Shadows, fighting off the occasional northern tribes which raided their territories constantly.[2a]

In fact, the Udoses became victims to the Norsii when they invaded the lands of the Empire during the early reign of King Sigmar Unberogen, which literally saw the Udoses as a people come to near extinction by the hands of these fell-handed reavers. When Sigmar enacted his campaign of extermination against the Norsii, Sigmar and his army of Unberogens, Cherusen and Talueten warriors relieved the siege of the Udoses capital, a soaring granite castle overlooking a cliff in the Sea of Claws. In gratitude, the Udoses King, Wolfila offered Sigmar his services and followed him on his campaign against the Northmen. When the last of the Norsii were forced into the northern coast, there the Udoses and Unberogen archers and catapults flung flaming projectives upon the fleeing wolfships. Men, women and children were killed in their thousands as dead bodies littered the coast from horizon to horizon. While the other tribes became awestruck at the carnage of an entire people, the Udoses were heard to be howling with joy and satisfaction. Ever since then, the Udoses has become a stalwart ally towards King Sigmar and became a founder member of the newly formed Empire.[2a]


  • The Udoses may loosely be based upon Celtic tribes of the British Isles, most particularly the Scots, Picts and Caledonians. The uses of blue-warpaint and kilts may point to this conclusion.


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